12 of the Funniest Cybertruck Reactions

12 of the Funniest Cybertruck Reactions

Alexandra KokenDec 18, '19

Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t play nice when it comes to new product design. In earlier mentions of his now-infamous Cybertruck, the billionaire entrepreneur made some bold statements about its look. He was going for a cyberpunk feel, “something straight out of Blade Runner,” not even caring if people liked it. Well, he definitely hit the mark on the people-not-liking part.

In fact, the Cybertruck’s brutalist, cold-rolled steel exterior looks exactly like something that popped out of a sci-fi soundstage. Or a low-poly computer game. Within days of the truck’s not-quite-seamless reveal, the internet was flooded with hilarious reactions to it. And while you still may be making up your mind about this futuristic beast of a truck, we’ve pulled together 12 of the funniest memes about it. Welcome back to the future!


  1. Cybertruck Meme
  2. Cybertruck Meme
  3. Cybertruck Meme
  4. Cybertruck Meme
  5. Cybertruck Meme
  6. Cybertruck Meme
  7. Cybertruck Meme
  8. Cybertruck Meme
  9. Cybertruck Meme
  10. Cybertruck Meme
  11. Cybertruck Meme
  12. Cybertruck Meme

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