Essential Gear to Keep in Your Truck

Essential Gear to Keep in Your Truck

Alexandra KokenJan 27, '20

Whether you’re heading out for an outdoor adventure weekend trip or use your truck for the daily commute, there are a few essential gear items that will save you or another driver in an emergency, or just get you out of a sticky situation faster. Of course you don’t want to weigh down your truck by a couple hundred of pounds or permanently fill your truck up with items you’re more likely to forget you even had back there than every use. A great tip for keeping your important gear pieces in check and out of your way is to store them in a crate, box or laundry basket. That way you won’t be digging around for your jumper cable when you really need it, or worry about a water bottle rolling around the back of your rig. Give your emergency kit a check-over twice a year, and make sure if any batteries need replacing or your emergency snack stash is past its date. So what other essentials should you be carrying in your 4x4 truck to cover yourself and other drivers in an emergency? Check out our list of key items below. 

First aid kit

A basic first aid kit, and the knowledge how to use it, is paramount in any vehicle. 


Motor problems in the dark can turn into a much longer problem to solve if you don’t have a flashlight in your truck. Keeping one in your vehicle will save you a lot of trouble if you ever need it!

Blanket or fleece sweater 

If you’ve ever gotten stuck in a gridlock and had to turn your engine off in mid-winter you’ll know why we added this. An additional benefit of a warm sweater over a blanket is that your arms remain mobile and you can easily put it on to fix something on the outside of your vehicle, or someone else’s. 


Road atlas 

Most vehicles are equipped with an awesome GPS system these days. But if there’s a problem with your electrics you’ll be incredibly thankful to have a paper road atlas with you. 

Glass cleaner and paper towels

Visibility is something you *really* miss when it’s gone, as a 2-hour snail’s pace drive through a snow storm taught me when the salt on the street all but glued shut my window cleaner. Keeping some glass cleaner and paper towels in your truck is an easy way to make muddy or snowy days a lot easier to see your way out of. 

A bottle of water

Water is the most basic emergency good humans need to survive. Keep a bottle in your truck just in case you get stuck for much longer than you’d planned. 


Especially if you go on longer drives to less populated areas it can be really handy to keep a few snack bars on hand in your truck. 

Work gloves

A pair of leather work gloves will come in handy (pardon the pun) for most offroad rig fixes, whether digging a wheel out of snow or jump-starting a friend’s car. Also be sure to grab these if you’re ever in need of an extra layer of warmth. 

Jumper cables

Whether it’s your truck that runs flat or someone else’s: jumper cables in need are jumper cables indeed! 

Emergency repair tool kit

Cover all the basics with a simple repair tool kit. 

Duct tape

There’s a myriad of things you can fix with duct tape, even on a 4x4 truck! If it were up to us, no one should leave the house without some. 

USB charger

Maps, emergency calls, GPS. Probably the most techy object on our list, but keeping a backup phone charger in your truck will help you out of most difficult situations just with the power of a functioning mobile phone. 

iEngine Check App

What’s that red blinking light in your dashboard you’ve never seen before? This app tells you what all the symbols on your dashboard mean if you’re not quite sure about the content of that manual you most definitely read cover to cover. 

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