Custom Chevy Silverado 2500HD - Peter's Build

Custom Chevy Silverado 2500HD - Peter's Build

Josh GilbertDec 9, '191 comment

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Name: Peter T.

Location: Alberta, CA

Instagram:  @dirtymax_teich


2004.5 Chevy LLY Duramax 2500HD

My truck is a 2004.5 Chevy LLY Duramax 2500HD. I got it on December 30, 2016. I traded my 2011 4.8 gasser 1/2 ton extended eab even up for this Duramax. I’d always dreamed of owning a big lifted truck. And here was my chance.

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So it began. It’s taken a lot of time and money, but slowly I got further and further. Until the big changes came this past spring. I started with a 7-9-inch McGaughys lift, powder coated gloss black to match the truck. I love all black trucks!

I added some 24x14-76 TIS 544BM wheels with some 35x13.5 Amp Terrain Attack M/T tires. Everything has gone well so far. I even hope to make it a little higher yet. For my next mod, I’d like a built transmission. I have too much go for it. I can limp it no problem on stage 4+5—I have Motor Ops EFI Live Tuning.

Altogether, there’s over $24,000 in aftermarket mods. Some of what I’ve done: Spyder head and tail lights, roof marker lights, switchback mirrors, GlowShift three pillar gauge, 40Hp injectors, S&B cold air intake, Wicked Wheel, 10 blade turbine, grille emblem, diamond stack, 50 cal antenna. I’m definitely forgetting things, but that’s my three years with it so far.

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H on Jan 2, '20

I love this blacked our look and this wide body wheels are 🔥. I wonder how it drives with those

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