Custom Ford F-150 - Shane's Build

Custom Ford F-150 - Shane's Build

Josh GilbertJan 18, '20

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Name: Shane M.

Location: Washington

Instagram:  @demonf150


Ford F-150

I got my F-150 from Vancouver Ford in Washington and got in March 2016. My truck was always known as the pnwbluedemon because where I live and it’s a beast. I changed the name to DemonF150 because it’s simple and powerful.

Build Photo
Build Photo
Build Photo


I've put a lot into making my truck the way I want and different from other builds. The theme I am going with is blue on black, like the song from Five Finger Death Punch. I used N-FAB pre-runner , front and back, 6 led pods from Mictuning — 4 on the bumper and 2 on my hood mounts, also have 35x12.50 Federal Courgias M/Ts with 20x9 & 0 offset XD wheel Misfits matte black on a 2inch leveling kit.

I spent about $38,000 for the truck and about $5,000 in accessories.The process was fun and I was having a good time building my vehicles from the ground up. The build has gone really good and I’m excited about the new look. What I love most about my truck is the color, which is called Blue Flame Metallic, plus my wheels and N-FAB bumpers. I just love trucks and can’t wait to see where I will go next with it. Maybe a 3-inch lift — or a newer F-150.

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