Custom Chevy Colorado - Taylor's Build

Custom Chevy Colorado - Taylor's Build

Josh GilbertDec 13, '19

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Name: Taylor H.

Location: Alabama

Instagram:  @black_rado19


2019 Chevy Colorado

I drive a 2019 Chevy Colorado. I bought it about 3 months ago in Hoover, AL. I’m 19 and have always wanted a lifted truck. My mom could never afford to build a truck for me or buy one already done, so I got a Honda Civic when I turned 16—I don’t know any 16-year-old guy that’s hopes for a Civic. Looking back, I’m grateful. But since then I’ve been saving and saving and bought my truck and all parts completely on my own at 19.

Build Photo
Build Photo
Build Photo
Build Photo


Dreams coming true with this build. I have a 6” Rough Country lift kit on the truck right now but I think I’m gonna go bigger soon. I worked with fuel to get the bronze fuel beasts on the truck turned out great. I have 33x12.x20 Nitto Trail Grapplers, best mud tires out there. For lighting, I have 12 Pro Comp Rock Lights under the truck: two in each wheel well, one on the front skid plate, one where my spare tire used to go and one on each side under both doors.

My brother-in-law installed everything, so everything went very smooth. Just waiting on the parts was the worst part. I love everything about my build. Everything was very thought out and I’m glad I didn’t rush it or it wouldn’t be as good as it is. I think I want to go to a 9-inch lift with some 22x14s on there, but I’m just gonna enjoy it for a month or two and then maybe get a bigger lift, wheels and tires in the future.

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